Ting Ying Han
Ting Ying Han

Los Angeles Road Concert

site-specific works at National / Washington on Veterans Day


Los Angeles Road Concerts presents a showing of site-specific projects from Los Angeles artists in unused public outdoor spaces within walking distance of the intersection of National and Washington Blvds in Culver City on Veterans Day. For one afternoon participating artists will display installations, perform works, host spontaneous readings, and make music in unexpected spaces, such as on the sidewalk, between dumpsters, along streetlamps, as well as inside the audience’s earbuds as they traverse the path of the road concert. A printable map of the day’s events will be available a week before the event at the event website, laroadconcerts.com, along with downloadable art, project descriptions and an interactive map.


In five previous events LA Road Concerts has sought to investigate the possibilities of LA's streets as sites for artistic exploration while offering a street-level window onto the city's diversity of people, buildings and landscapes, how the metropolis grew and cars came to dominate, and the in-between and negative spaces the city left behind as it expanded. Through a wide open call process, LA Road Concerts brings together art school graduates, working artists, local residents and other artists, writers, musicians, performers, to realize a broad array of kinds of interactions with the sites.


This particular road concert is part of the Untested Address event series, hosted by UMM (the Unconfirmed Makeshift Museum) at Klowden Mann, a Culver City gallery. Artists' works might respond to the idea of nations (versus the planet), the constitution, and making art in a time of war. Additionally, projects might respond to the site of Culver City as a hub of the art world, and consider art's role in capitalism, making value outside the institution, infiltrating institutions to amplify voices, and what it means to make and show art (right) outside commercial mainstream private galleries.


Participating artists include: 23-24-25 (Chelsea Rector, Jen Bruce, Ang Wilson), Danielle Adair, Zeina Baltagi, Manu Beker, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Tyler Calkin, Tom Dunn, Jay Erker, Beth Fiedorek, Elizabeth Folk with Marc Bobro, Jory Harms, Joshua Hashemzadeh, John Hastings & Matt Barbier, Koobang Ensemble, makingout.la (Dahn Camella Gim + Tyler Stefanich, with Theo Triantafyllidis, John Brumley, Ting Ying Han, Chandler McWilliams, Kim Ye + Yoshie Sakai), Todd Moellenberg, Alan Nakagawa, Tucker Neel, Andrew Pearson, Riccarlo Porter / L.A.P Dancers, Faith Purvey, Elliot Reed with Andrew Dalziell, ReReDuce, Michael Rippens, Anthony Moses Sanchez, Margie Schnibbe, Sir Oliver, SolarSonic Streaming, Laura Vena, Christopher Wawrinofsky, Miggie Wong


Works of the day include a miniature plastic hug, hand-dyed, sewn and embroidered canvas 3 x 5 feet American Lebanese flags washed with homemade Olive Oil soap and hung from flag poles attached to a red Ford pickup truck, a reading of one-liners on the side of the road, a metal form that collects meaning in roadside debris as it tumbles, rapping about climate change, an audio-visual protest of the non-existence of homeless presence in Culver City, a trombone performance in a freeway underpass recontextualizing a sonic signature of Los Angeles, a menu of human social interactions for 5 cents each to raise our heads above downward-facing-phone posture, a slow walking meditation, a respectful protest of war to promote peace, a tea service on a median to establish a harmonious interaction among pedestrians, drivers and art, a repurposed mid-century credenza pushed by a slightly near-sighted female politician with a megaphone playing "Que Sera Sera," a pop-up cafe that doesn't accept money only suggestions, paper planes with your thoughtful note to be flown to your desired destination, a robotic positive energy station, a virtual site specific exhibition on mobile phone, a live female fountain, a projection of synonyms for the words terror and terrorism, a mini RV studio with solar array to facilitate a multi-camera live stream of musicians, interviews and real-time remixes, a munchkin rumored to have hanged himself during the filming of the Wizard of Oz, and many more works!


November 11, 2017, 1 PM - 4 PM